Transforming rage into love (with crafts)

Not long ago, I flew into a rage. Tantrum. Hissy fit.

No one got hurt, but I destroyed my computer keyboard. Bent it right in half. Keys flew off as it cracked down the middle.

Oops. I am not violent often, so my behavior surprised me. Embarrassed me.

I found myself wanting to turn that ugly event into something nice.

So I did another thing I hardly ever do. Got out some craft glue. Made this out of some keys and a little chunk of the broken circuit board:

Haha, pardon the cat fuzz. That’s just how I roll.

It was simple to make. Took less than five minutes. And when I look at it, I usually smile, because it was a sweet little gesture of self-love and forgiveness. And maybe my way of saying sorry to the keyboard.

Transformation is beautiful. Transformation of emotions can be difficult at times due to their abstract nature. But with a little glue and love, anything’s possible.

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