Want unity? Then be unity (love the trolls)

If you are like me, you may have a strange fascination with comment sections.

Someone expresses a view. They get called a troll, a moron, or worse.

Then, someone else expresses an opposing view.

Vitriol builds. Observers throw in their chips with the side that most resonates. Internet mobs spew their opinions back and forth, in more and more colorful language. No one changes their mind.

Once in a while, I throw in my two cents. My higher perspective, ha. That’s the thing. Everyone thinks (knows) that they have the highest or best perspective. “If only the trolls could see it my way,” says everyone (and everyone is a troll from the higher perspective of someone else).


I somehow always end up reading the comments. Even on the most mundane, seemingly non-controversial posts. Because in the case of mundane posts, the comments are the most fascinating part.

It’s not the most productive, healthy habit, reading those things. But I do it.

If you do it as well, I have a challenge for you.

Next time you witness an Internet riot break out on a news post or whatever, just back up out of your ideologies for a second. Look at all sides. See how everyone thinks they are doing and saying the right thing.

You’ll probably agree with one side more than another, but set that aside. This challenge is not about your politics. It’s about seeing the humanity in people. Seeing what we have in common.

Then, do something a little crazy. Tell everyone you love them. Respect them. Accept them. All of them.

Say it without an agenda. This will only work if you’re genuine. Even then, it might not work. You might get flamed something fierce. Doesn’t matter. How they react to you is irrelevant to the purpose of your gesture.

The purpose is simply to show love in a world that’s full of hate. Love and acceptance, even for the people you do not agree with. If you can do that and mean it, regardless of the measurable outcome of the encounter, you’ll have done a great service to the world.

So, if someone attacks you for expressing love, that means either disengage or keep on loving. Getting down in the dirt and grime will spoil the whole plan.

Please do this, and let me know how it feels.

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