What are your reasons for telling the truth?

Tell the truth, even if no one is listening. Even if no one cares. Find new reasons to tell the truth, ones that do not involve your need to be heard and taken seriously.

Reasons like, if you always tell the truth, then you never have to live a lie (living a lie is cancerous, quite possibly literally in some cases).

Or how about, because telling the truth as you know it keeps your conscience clear so that you can use your energy to build the life of your dreams?

Sure, sometimes the truth hurts and angers other people, and that has a way of dirtying the conscience and bogging us down.

But if it hurts and angers others?

That means people do care and are listening after all….

It’s just that if needing people to listen and care are your only reasons for telling your truth, then you’ll be devestated when people don’t respond the way you wish they would.

So, if you have back-up reasons, you’ll get better at enduring cold shoulders and volatile backlash.

And when you can keep your cool no matter what, you’re officially my hero and role model.

Actually, you’re my hero anyway, just for being you. But that’s another subject altogether…

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