Emotional impermanence and why it matters

“I hate you,” the sparrow said to the robin, after some dispute about worm rationing.

The robin was deeply hurt, and flew away.

Years later, the robin and the sparrow encountered each other once more.

The sparrow had gone above and beyond this year, in her nest-building and food-gathering activities. She had supplies to spare, so she offered some to the robin.

“I thought you hated me…” said the robin, incredulously.

“Hate you? Oh, you mean that time…?” the sparrow reflected. “I felt badly for my angry outburst. That ripe hatred in me subsided within minutes, and I wished you were still there so I could tell you how sorry I am. Please accept my apologies now, and take whatever you need for nesting and food. We could even build an addition to the duplex and you could sleep and nurse your young with my family.”

“Huh….” the robin said, confused and pleased. “But you’re a sparrow…. and I’m a robin… wouldn’t that be…. unnatural?”

“Oh, hush now,” said the sparrow. “I mean, if those differences matter deeply to you, be then on your way. But you’re welcome to stay.”

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