Snapping out of a rut (time efficient guide)

1. Do one fucking thing

Go for a walk. Around the stupid block. Or rub ice on your face. Alternate hot and cold in the shower. Do a jump kick. Pinch your nipples (gently, probably).

Just do something to interrupt yourself from your collision course with mediocrity or calamity.

2. Do another fucking thing

I don’t know, drink a glass of water or something. Make some tea you like. Take some massive, conscious breaths and feel your lungs expand as you do.

3. Just keep doing things

Call your friends, tell them why they’re awesome and what you’ve learned from them.

4. Breathe, smile, get humble

Eat a salad, pray (even or especially if you’re an atheist), do some yoga.

5. Repeat

I know you will.

You’ve got this.

One more thing.

The universe asked me this next question, and now I want to ask it of you.

“If while sitting in the darkness, you changed your mind and decided you wanted to sit in the light, would your first few steps be in the darkness or in the light?”

What do you think?

You, reader, are triumphantly awesome.

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