Even though you curse my name
I still forgive you
Even though you’re damaged goods
I know I’m no better than you
No one profits from this feud
You brought the flame
But I won’t douse it with my gasoline

Hate begets hate
War begets war
Hurt begets hurt
More begets more
(It’s endless, endless, endless, endless…)

Even though you want me dead
I goddamn love you
Ever-striving for the highest path
Regardless of what you do
My countrymen may shut me up
They want your hide
But an eye for an eye makes the world go blind

I see you kill,
Lie, steal, and cheat
You see the same sin
When you look at me
(It’s endless, endless, endless, endless…)

Something’s gotta shift
If we’re all gonna live
Something’s gotta give
Let’s learn to forgive

(From The Art of Being Human: What It Means to Be)

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