You’re a meme, I’m a meme, everyone’s a meme-meme

You’re a meme.

Everything you say and do, someone will copy and pass on.

And they might not even usually know it.

…Just like you might not realize when you’re copying and passing things on.

Being a meme is all good.

It’s how life works.

It’s part of how evolution works.

We just keep recycling what’s already been done and said, then adding to it in our own way.

Then other people add to it, and it gets bigger.

The course of the world depends what we choose to say. What we choose to recycle. What we choose to build.

Every time you complain, you inspire someone else to complain.

Every time you transcend, you inspire someone else to transcend.

Or maybe some people will just complain about your transcendence.

Or maybe they’ll transcend your complaining…

But one thing here is for certain.

You’re not an island, and you’re not in a bubble.

Your words impact other people.

Your words live on in the minds, thoughts, and deeds of everyone that’ll ever know you.

You’re a meme, like it or not.

Thankfully, you get to choose what kind of meme to be.

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