Gestate in darkness, bloom into light

Sometimes, I get full of anger and hatred.

Because of this world’s double standards and contradictions…

Because of inequality…

Because of beliefs and ideals that don’t stand up to basic scrutiny, but that people will exploit, dehumanize others, and kill for…

Because sometimes it seems everyone is only in it for themselves, when we’d be so much more if we lived in harmony…

And because people can be so externally focused on what they can’t change while ignoring their inner world. Giving away their power and then complaining about being helpless.

Just like I’m doing right now…

My anger and hatred are symptoms of the disease that permeates in me when I look outside of myself for the peace and composure that is generated from within.

And from that condition, I am a reflection of everything that stirs the cockles of my contempt.

So, I turn my eyes away from this mural of torment.

And endeavor to surgically remove the hypocrisy that characterizes this divergence from my path.

Pry, if only for a series of moments, all subversive technologies from my hands and heart.

And renew me. Restore me.

So that I may once more look out over all creation and say, “This is good.”

And peer through the looking glass, to take in the euphoria of light and hope for all.

This is just one season of an endless sequence.

Don’t let the fruits or lack thereof of this season define you for lifetimes to come.

Being full of anger and hatred is not pleasant. But it’s in its rightful place.

Also in its rightful place is the inevitable ascension from such.

Flip the coin.

Invert the script.

Embrace totality.

Gestate in darkness, bloom into light.

You, reader, are triumphantly awesome.

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