To those who say there is nothing we can do

Some people say there’s nothing we can do.

That the injustice and inequality in this world are just part of the package of being alive.

That is incorrect.

It is this way because we perpetuate the system that makes it so.

We perpetuate it by saying things like, “There’s just a certain way people have to do things.”

And by accepting dead ends and barriers as concrete, natural facts of life.

Walking down a street, do you let a dead end stop you from getting to where you’re going? All a dead end is, is a sign. A blockade of some kind. It’s infused with the idea that you can go no further.

Walking past a dead end is easy. But if you spend your whole life in a car, maybe you’ll never realize it.

Sometime, you’ve gotta ditch the car. Get your hands dirty. See the world up close. See all the details you missed from the car.

(I am mixing metaphor with reality here to quite an awkward extent. So just take it however you want, I guess.)


Point being, our limitations are in our minds.

We think too small. We accept the rules that govern our society, which were designed by delusional, self-serving people who have no interest in true equality.

True equality would mean that the illusion of power differentials would dissipate.

Without power differentials, they lose what they value about themselves.

Control over others. Money. Luxury. Whatever else these people are into.

I am not saying that no one should have luxury.

I am saying, let’s build a society where everyone can have luxury.

Even if they never learn how to trade stocks, or start businesses. Even if they are unemployable.

“But that’s impossible!”

“But that’s not how it works!”

Impossible is just a word people use to make themselves feel better when they quit.

It’s not how it works, because we have conceded to such.

We’ve treated the past and future like they are same.

Which is insane, you know? Look around…

See how everything changes.

And don’t fear that. Embrace the awe. Embrace the endless possibilities of a future built by a conscious, aware people.

The future could also be built by a sleeping, mindless people.

Which sounds better?

Because one way or the other, the future is going to get built.

Things are going to change.

There’s no getting off this train we’re on.

But we do get to decide where the train is headed.

By saying “no” to what doesn’t make sense or stand up to scrutiny.

By just treating people as equals rather than deferring our power to some defeatist song about the world never changing.

But this isn’t really about being loud-mouthed and argumentative with people who you don’t agree with.

That’s what most people already do.

This is about getting real with yourself. Questioning the quality of your own conclusions about life.

And when you hit a dead end in your mind about something that doesn’t add up or seem right about society, get out of your metaphorical car and move beyond the blockade. See what’s on the other side.

In practical terms, it means keep thinking. Keep asking questions. Have discussions with the intention of learning and expanding your mind.

Really, expanding our minds is what this is about.

I’d recommend certain drugs, because it makes it easier.

There’s a reason the 70’s were the 70’s in the United States.

There’s also a reason that the government cracked down on drugs that were opening people’s minds and hearts.

World peace wasn’t a part of their agenda, for obvious reasons that involve money, power, and ethnocentrism.

They also criminalized some substances so they could have a reason to arrest more people of color.

True story. Look it up.

But if you don’t want to use drugs as tools to expand your mind, I understand.

We’re still on the same side.

All of us.

And we’re all very powerful.

We’re all very capable of changing the world as individuals and in solidarity.

See beyond the lies and agendas that put us in invisible chains. When you see beyond the illusion, you realize the chains are an illusion too.

And all that’s unfair in this world, is authorized by our choices.

The world we’re going to win, will be authorized by our choices.

Choose the good shit.

Let’s make a future from which we can look back and know:

There was something we could do. And we did it.

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