When you smash into a wall

When you smash into a wall…

And it feels like you’re running out of juice…

And all your plans seem stupid and unachievable, even though mere weeks ago all your dreams had you up on cloud nine…

When your bed is the ultimate seducer…

You haven’t checked your voicemail in a week…

You’re not even sure where your phone is…

You don’t really know which way is up…

And not sure what the point is…

Just keep going anyway.

Just do one thing.

One small thing.

Splash some water on your face and say, “I love you,” in the mirror.

Write down one thing you’re thankful for.

With all your might, pull yourself one inch closer to your dreams.

Even if they seem to have lost their luster.

They haven’t.

You’re just not seeing the shine.

But it’s still there.

Or maybe the shine was never really there.

Maybe it was your heart the whole time. Projecting forth beautiful, whimsical images onto the horizon.

And when your heart sputters and stops projecting outwards, you just want to hide.

Because what’s the point, without the beauty and the whimsy?

The beauty and the whimsy are in you.

Just keep showing up.

Just keep doing one thing.

Then do another thing.

One small thing at a time, until you get to the point you can carry more at once and move more quickly.

Just do what you can.

That’s all you can do…

Get through it.

Just don’t give up.

Don’t throw it all away because of one bad day, week, month, or year.

It’ll all make sense again if you keep going.

This chaos is temporary.

The uncertainty is a storm that will pass.

And when it does, don’t be left with nothing.

Everything you’ve worked for still matters.

Just hold on.

You’re almost there…

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