Who do you want to be today?

Who do you want to be today?

Which version of yourself?

Which of your assets will you utilize? Which facets to raise to the surface? Which to stash away for next time?

Choosing who to be today is not a betrayal of your authentic self.

Your authentic self has countless expressions.

When you laugh, your facial expression changes.

Same when you cry. Or when you’re pensive. Or when you feel love, anger, confusion, or anything else.

All those faces are you.

Same as when you invent the you that you want to be.

You take the parts that are already there, and configure them optimally.

If you don’t like who you were yesterday, just rearrange the pieces today. Right now.

Who do you want to be?

Just be that person. Step into the role. Invent yourself, brick by brick. Immerse yourself in the you that you want to be.

You, reader, are triumphantly awesome.

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