Pattern recognition 101

First time I noticed the patterns, I was an employee at Subway.

It started so small and seemingly insignificant.

A customer would come in and order something really unique, like a footlong chicken teriyaki, add tuna.

Something nobody else would ever order.

Except, the next person ordered the same thing.

It wasn’t like they were standing in line and were influenced by the first person’s order.

There was time and space between these occurrences.

At first, they happened in threes.

On the third occurrence, I’d acknowledge the weirdness of it.

Then, the pattern would switch to something else.

Three consecutive salads.

Three six inch BLTs with light honey mustard and extra cheese.

After a while, I didn’t wait until the third occurrence anymore.

Started putting more mental energy into the second wave of the pattern.

From then on it happened in twos instead of threes.

This disturbed and fascinated me greatly…

I felt like I was part of an artificial system of reality, set up in a sequence of programmed events that happened in clusters.

But if you notice the pattern, the system changes the visible manifestation of the sequence, so that the participants in the simulation think that they are living real, actual lives…

You, reader, are triumphantly awesome.

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