Milky neurons baptized

You missed the warnings
End of the story
Distracted by lies
Light fading from eyes
It’s gotten to be too much
The pendulum rusts
Milky neurons baptized
In red rivers you despise
There’s not enough
There is too much
Intentions caving in
Effort lulled and dimmed
You missed the signs
Lost track of time
Your world compressed
Blind to the duress
The burning begins
Scalded by this sin
Regret has your number
In your guilt, shred asunder
For all my gifts
Talents and shifts
There’s nothing left
But the bile in my chest
There’s none to mourn
All hope will be reborn
From the soil of denial
New life will reconcile
This is the anthem
Of the sick and done
The healthful light a fire
Atop a distant spire
You missed the warnings
Now here comes the glory
You missed the signs
And you have no alibi

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