Lost souls

Across the land
And on distant earths
In higher dimensions
Where eternity stirs
At the ocean’s bottom
In the volcano’s pit
In your glowing eyes
By your inferno lit
Through society’s madness
Double standards, sadness
Concealed by delusions
Of all institutions
Sprawling up and down
Being jerked around
Turned to sodden ash
By corrosive whiplash
X marks the spot
Vagabond convergence
Ascension beckons
From the cracks, love emerges

Calling you
Do you hear me?
Beckoning for you
Are you ready?

Lost souls, lost souls, lost souls
Come together, be found
Lost souls, lost souls, lost souls
This was the plan all along
Lost souls
Be found and be bold
Lost souls
Fear nothing, just go

Calling you
Your time has come
Singing out your
Triumph song
Your burdens within
That you’ve carried far
Become the starstuff of
Your greatest power

Lost souls
You’re found
Lost souls
Welcome home
Lost souls
Kindred spirits
Lost souls
Here we go

Across the land
On distant earths
In inverted dimensions
Where infinity blurs
This is the calling
This is why you came
You doubted, but endured
Through the blood and pain
Lock your fingers with mine
Our energy collides
As the delusion of this world
In illumination subsides

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