Higher plateaus

There is no pill
to change these beliefs
forged by fires
of reality
No, not consensus
which is the antithesis
of itself
Some eyes have seen
through the veil
that we’re born
to see as real
Once the threshold
has been reached
there is no returning
to your world
The contradictions
you call home
The lazy thinking
that sustains them

Why, tell me why
the thinkers are punished
by the hypnotized
This is no insult
to your mind
You’re free to
wake up
at any time
Please wake up
while you still have time

Why, tell me why
the majority
chooses to be blind
And why
are those who see
hung from crosses
from which
they bleed?
Please wake up, now
to this dire need

After a life in submission
to nonsensical ideals
and surrender
to stagnation
and backwards thinking
To go forth
into a corporate world
where greed and division
To make the numbers
support a truth
that has no backbone
It’s the sickest ruse
To retreat
from this dream
to higher plateaus
and panoramic scenes
Why, oh, tell me why
are you so afraid
to expand your mind?

Why, I beg why
that the cure
must be
For the means
For the end
For the pockets
of the rich
Why, I cry why
do these tears
mean nothing,
nor this life?
Halfhearted lip-service
is your art
Then you go on
to rip the pure apart
Why, please tell me why
Why does a life of searching
feel so much
like suicide?

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