Across the universe
There was a laymen’s cry
The son of a swindler
in search of the perfect life
He bought a relic from a cheat
and played the fools through darkened streets
Standing for a cause he knew to shine
Pearls not enough for the swine
In his heart, he found true gold
There’s only one that he could show
A zaftig pluviophile
to hearken all that bile
There is a disease
There is a cure
There is a line between
that’s blurred
And a line beyond
A line that never ends
And on that line, is your sweet name
A gift-wrapped promise before it rains
And your life will surely show
through the trials of growing old
But inside, you’re still young at heart
A perfect rose, a work of art
And now we get to see
What we’ll get to be

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