Gotta keep that body movin’

Gotta keep that body movin’
To that inter-stellar groovin’
Come on, babe, stop thinkin’
Yer overthinkin’ nothin’
You got a vessel that’s on fire
And a mind that’s a liar
So just retroact your buyer
Climb atop the mire

You gotta keep that sweet heart beatin’
The popo think you shroomin’
Parentals think you doomin’
They don’t see that you’re just bloomin’
One for all of us includin’
Lowest lows that we’re breachin’
Our dirty minds we’re bleachin’
Endless scat we’re preachin’
Somebody’s over-teachin’
Star-bellied Sneetches are beachin’
It’s time to get a hobby
for the cause you lobby
That rhyme’s a little wobbly
But we’re just here to party

Keep your head up
Stay in the flow
Keep your pride small
enough to grow

It’s not about your name
but I’ll remember your name
We’re just playing a game
but life isn’t a game
Life is just a game
and we’re not playing a game

You can take my name
And make it your name

You can take my game
and make it your game

You can take my game
and make it your name

You can take my name
and make it your game

You can take my pain
and make it your fame

And take my fame
to feed your pain

You can hide yourself
or shine your flame

You can show yourself off
You can take the blame

By any other name
It’s just not the same

We’ve made it this far
so let’s not complain

Get a gun, get a job
Get travel-banned, get declawed
Get out of hope
Get filled up
Get out of reach
Get in touch
This is your very final chance
So brush your teeth and make it last
Just don’t grab an ass
or probation comes to pass

Make a point, smoke a joint
Spare a dollar to anoint
The beggar that aspires
to buy a beer for his brother
Make a friend at the end
Have a heart, buck the trend
Please just don’t defend
This complacency must end

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