Your life matters (no matter what you’ve done)

Whether you’re living or dying or somewhere in between…

Whether you’re a true believer, a true deceiver, an immaculate conceiver, or a radical dreamer…

Whether you operate by evidence or faith…

Whether you feel the music when you dance, or just throw your body around without a clue, or don’t dance at all…

Whether you’re a Jihadist, a Southern Baptist, an atheist, or a barnacle on the hull of a ship that couldn’t care less about any of that…

Whether you’re black, white, orange, tan, yellow, red, purple, or polka-dotted…

Whether you’ve got a vagina, a penis, both, neither, or something going on that I’ve never yet heard of…

Whether you’re taller than a mountain or shorter than an anthill, whether obese or skeletal, whether you gluttonize or starve yourself, whether you get out and run every morning or you sleep all day…

Whether you love the wrong people for the wrong reasons, or your standards are so high you fear they’ll never be met…

Whether your teeth are perfect or rotten, whether you’re vegan or a steak addict, whether you’re straight-edge or a hardcore drug aficionado…

Whether you’re on the right, left, center, over, or under…

Whether you respect your nation’s flag with all of your heart, or burn it to show the world who you are…

Whoever you are. Whatever your battles.

You matter. Not just to me, but to everyone. Even the ones who have no idea that what I’m saying is true.

Your life matters. Every conversation you have. Every interaction.

And not just your interactions. Because when you withdraw into the shadows of solitude, that affects the world too.

Think about it. Every word you know, started from a single source.

Every Internet meme started as an idea a person had and then they shared with the world.

And now you can do an image search for Nicolas Cage cats, or almost literally any other weird thing you can think of. And there it will be, because someone thought of it and the idea caught like wildfire.

And if there is something you can’t find online, you can just make it yourself. And people will search for it, and be inspired by it, emulate it and add their own flair.

This is similar to how every idea ever has spread, long before the Internet was a thing.

Everything has a source.

You are the source of so many of the world’s treasures…

Even if no one knows it.

And it doesn’t matter if anyone ever knows. Getting credit isn’t the point.

It’s more fun to just share yourself freely, and see what happens.

Borrow freely and share freely, give freely and receive freely.

And over time, we all become more connected and less separated.

We become stronger and more capable.

Our society becomes freer. Equality becomes a foregone conclusion.

I love you if you’ve taken lives.

I love you if you want me to die.

I love you if you’ve abandoned your children, or others who relied on you.

I love you if you’ve stolen, exploited, or laughed at the misery of others.

I love you if you cannot get your heart to forgive, no matter how hard you try. And I love you if you don’t even try.

Because we’re all thrown into this world without a clue.

And none of us really know what we’re doing.

But we all do the best we can with what we’re given.

Even if our best is nothing. Even if our best is horrible and painful for everyone around us.

After looking into my heart, I know I can’t hate you for being who you are.

And I know that hating you for your choices is invalidating and toxic.

The toxicity has to end somewhere.

It’s no easy task, to choose once and for all, to let it end with you.

But you can do it.

I believe in you.

No matter who you are.

And if I can make the choice.

And you can make the choice.

Then anyone can make the choice.

And if it’s the nature of ideas to spread like wildfire, then let’s choose the best ones and get the fire started…

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