Being real and promoting realness

There’s nothing more important than being real.

Equally important is promoting the realness of others.

This is more important than money, fame and reputation.

Being real and helping others spread their authentic expression is more important than being on a payroll, or getting a promotion. It’s more vital than having a solid retirement plan and sick leave package.

Do you have a friend who sings? Writes poetry, blogs, or books? Who paints? Who has ideas that bend your mind? Who has a heart that changes your world?

Do you pay attention to that friend?

Do you give feedback, even if it’s to say that there is a need for improvement?

Are you emotionally invested in their success, peace, and happiness?

If not, then why the fuck are you their friend to begin with? What good are you, anyway?

Does that sound harsh?

It’s not as harsh as being a pointless, watered down, superficial friend.

What’s harsh is claiming to be there for people, but only if they fit into your mold.

Everyone has their own mold. Sure, we all influence each other.

But it’s what is in our hearts that makes us who we are.

If you don’t admire what is in the hearts of your friends, then please consider expanding your horizons or just getting new friends.

If you don’t care about your friends’ passions, then what kind of friend are you?

Do you only love people as long as they fit into your mold? As long as they benefit you in some way?

If so, pull your head out of your ass.

The ass is a warm, comfortable place for a head to be.

But it’s not too conducive to anything other than keeping you cozy and making you smell like fecal matter…

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