Living Beyond the Superficial

Things are not always as they appear.

Things might never truly be exactly as they appear…

So, why do people get so hung up on appearances?

What is so enthralling about the superficial?

Well, maybe it is not enthralling. It’s just easy. It’s default. It’s habitual. It’s wiring. It’s programming.

What you see with your eyes is less than the tip of the iceberg. It’s a fragment of the tip.

What you perceive with your physical senses is only the beginning.

Sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste. These are surface-level senses.

What’s beneath what you see? What’s within in?

Where do the vibrations in what you hear originate? What drives those vibrations? Is there an intention within the sound?

Does what you touch break or heal? Does it feel you back?

Why are some scents pleasant while others are repulsive? Why do some soothe while others cause tension?

What is the purpose of there being a distinction between sweet and bitter tastes? Why are some textures rapturous on the tongue, while others are gross and weird?

The senses are navigational tools. But what are we navigating?

What is beneath the iceberg’s tip?

There are worlds upon worlds beneath the surface.

Worlds of emotions, worlds of fantasies, worlds of potentialities.

Energies swirling about, colliding, making love, breaking off, multiplying, dividing, expanding, contracting…

Beneath the surface is where the hopes and dreams reside. Where the plans, ambitions, synchronicities, and cosmic reunions are schemed.

Underneath; that’s where desire is born.

And it is where desire can wither and writhe and die if you treat the world as though everything that matters is visible and touchable.

I wonder how many angels with great tidings have been turned away at doorsteps, shunned on the streets, or alienated within their own homes, for not appearing, smelling, or sounding up to the angelic standard of those they came to bless.

Some of the greatest gifts humankind can ever experience are in the most unusual places.

There is beauty to be found within the moist folds of disgust.

There is confidence and exhilaration hidden on the other end of fear.

In the deepest depths of pain, sickness, and death, there is a fountain of purpose, vitality, and life.

To find these treasures is to grow into your own multidimensional nature, and to have a truer and more complete relationship with the world and the people you share it with.

To dwell on the superficial is deprivation.

To go deeper is to give the superficial substance. At which point it ceases being superficial…

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