A Fine Reflection


Hey you
Yeah, you
I can see you
I can see the real you
I know these are the words you long to hear
Because I’m your face that looks back from the mirror
You and I, we are the only one left here
So let’s do something fun
For once, yeah, something fun
Did you forget me again?
It’s all right, I’m used to it
But I won’t stop dancing at the border tonight
I can’t stop thinking that it’s time to fight
Like a dying star reaching out to her lover
The Nothing dies in pure technicolor
So just be you
And I’ll be you
And I’ll just be me
And you can be some me
Don’t worry about the truths
We are not meant to see
Do not worry about lies
Do not fret over fakes
Don’t lose your shit over media sensationalism
Be above, or hit the brakes
Whether you’re rich or poor or both
Fixed or whole or broke
You’re a fine reflection of the path of your soul
If reality hurts then make a new goal.

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