A Hissy Fit About YouTube

Some of the advertisers on YouTube are entirely more offensive than the videos that get demonetized for their subject matter.

For instance, how is an advertisement that glorifies alcohol consumption more noble than a video created to help people understand and transcend the struggle of alcohol addiction?

If you don’t know what I am going on about, what I mean is that videos that mention alcohol, addiction, drugs, etc. in any context are classified for demonetization. Meaning, their creators cannot make any money from ad revenue, because some advertisers do not want their products associated with so-called controversial subject matter.

This is clearly a double standard, though, since many advertisers utilize concepts and subject matters that have been banned from monetized content on YouTube…

No mincing words. This is bullshit.

If a recovering alcoholic wants to consume YouTube content, there’s a solid chance that they will be presented by an ad that could be triggering and detrimental to their recovery.

If that same recovering alcoholic wants to make a video about recovery from alcoholism, they are flagged for demonetization for mentioning a mind-altering substance.

Other YouTube ads reinforce sexism and inequality of all kinds. Many advertisements are, in and of themselves, breaches of trust, filled with logical fallacies and inauthentic sales pitches.

Does it seem ridiculous for me to be so bent out of shape about routine capitalistic practices that put money first and people’s needs second (which in this case means, last)?

You may point out that these advertisers are people with mouths to feed.

But by now, I’m either seething or snoring. I’ll choose snoring, as to not cause a fright.

We can make a damn society that stands up to scrutiny.

We can make a world without contradictions.

Any voice that says otherwise is a lingering echo from a previous point on the evolutionary spectrum.

Sometimes, we grow beyond our former limitations and don’t even realize it yet…

And I swear to you, we can do better than this.

Google (owners of YouTube) has earned a lot of goodwill from me, for their forward-thinking and the pragmatic services they provide which usually end up costing nothing to the consumer.

But they are still prone to being slaves to a monetary bottom line. Slaves to advertisers, while superficially claiming to be loyal servants to their consumers.

So, until YouTube’s advertisement policies reflect the fair, fearless, and equitable tendencies I know they are capable of, I won’t be publishing videos on their site anymore.

Frankly? 99% of the subject matter I’m driven to discuss in videos is prone to demonetization. That’s ridiculous. People like me are the ones who want to talk about making the whole world better. If that’s not ad-friendly, then you can kindly get the eff out of here with that.

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