A hug for the most precious person in the world

At the Lansing bus station, I was picking up a friend who’d come from Canada. We hugged.

A guy noticed, and said, “Awww. No one ever hugs me.”

I approached him. Spread my arms. “Want a hug?” I asked.

It looked like he was going for it. He stepped closer. Started opening up his arms.

Then he took a step back. Looked around self-consciously, at some people standing nearby.

“Pfft, no way, I’m not gay,” he said.

I don’t think I responded. My visitor and I left the station.

Dude missed out on a perfectly good hug.

My hugs do not have a sexual orientation. I just like to show love to people when I can.

Makes me wonder, how often do I pass up opportunities to receive unconditional love because of my own fears and insecurities?

It’s funny, because I am sure I do it. Probably every day. But I can’t think of any examples. I am too close to myself to see it clearly right now.

If you ever notice me doing it, let me know. So I can cut that shit out.

And if you ever see me at a bus station. Or anywhere. Feel free to offer me a hug. I’ll accept, and hug you like you’re the most precious person in the world. Because you are. Just like everyone else.

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