America and Syria do not exist (but people are real)

Fact: we’re on a rock floating through outer space.

The only reason “Syria” and “the United States” exist is because a long time ago, humans came up with a classification system that creates an illusory concept of “us” and “them”.

There is no us and them, not in reality.

We’re all people. We’re all in this together. People are real. Nations and borders are imaginary.

Think of the bad ideas you had a long time ago. When you knew less, understood less.

Do you want to conform today, to the bad ideas you had a long time ago?

The people of the world today, are conforming to bad ideas we had a long, long time ago.

We know more. We can do better. We can think outside the box and stop the system from deluding us into thinking that we’re different. We’re not. Not really. The only differences are in our minds, our beliefs, our interpretations of the world. Those things can be changed, transformed, upgraded.

Level up before it’s too late. So we can have real conversations. So we can speak consciously rather than conforming to scripts that have been written for us by the media, and by people think so far inside the box that it’s scary.

Read Dr. Seuss’ The Sneetches. Over and over again. Don’t stop until you realize the world would be better off if we considered it to be the bible, instead of the actual Bible.

Get laid. By a Syrian. Over and over again. Until you realize that “Syrian” is just a word someone made up a long time ago that doesn’t really mean anything.

And hope at the rate we’re going, that someone gives you quarter when you’re a refugee and don’t have a home worth going back to.

Let’s all wake up. Earth is our home. Earth is real. Borders are imagined. People are real, life is real. It’s what matters. The rest we get hung up on is just bullshit.

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