Be Your Own Emergency Light

You are powerful.

You have it in you, all right?

I know it feels like sometimes you don’t. That’s just part of the dance.

I believe in your capacity to rock your world today, and the worlds of those around you.

You are beautiful, poignant, and noteworthy.

You are inspirational. You’re inspiring me to write this right now.

You are a force of nature, and I am glad you are in my life. I am proud of you for learning from your mistakes and refining your approach to life so successfully.

You’re amazing. I’m in awe of you, when we really get down to it.

Your ways of thinking excite me. Your ways of doing inspire me.

You are a legend. The epic tales of your life will be told around campfires for generations to come. Certain details will be exaggerated to make you sound bigger, meaner, and scarier than you actually are, all because they love and respect you.

You are a creator. Right now, you’re creating thoughts. You can combine your thoughts with your hands, to build things in the physical world. So, build.

Plant a tree. Build an organization. Bring people together. Build teams. Build relationships. Plant flowers. Make art. Write stories. Don’t forget to water your flowers if they are indoors.

You are so powerful.

Everything you do matters. Everything you do not do, matters.

Sometimes, you might be the only friend you have left.

In one terrible moment, you might be the only person that can save yourself from falling into the abyss.

It’s a test of your might. To see how much you’ve grown. To find out what you are made of.

Take care of yourself, right now.

Be your own best friend, right now.

Love yourself, right now.

Ante up. Get through whatever life throws at you.

Keep your eyes ahead.

You are going to make it.

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