Being a Bigot Towards Bigots (Is Still Bigotry)

Bigotry is intolerance towards those of different opinions than your own.

Wanting to hurt, punish, and eradicate people who are bigoted, is also bigotry.

I know it seems like the moral high ground. To be intolerant of intolerance. It makes sense on the surface.

Conventional wisdom may say that to tolerate intolerance is to perpetuate it. So if you believe that to be true, it makes sense that being intolerant to intolerance will stop it.

Conventional reason fails us here. It doesn’t take us deep enough.

Think it through. When you hate people for hating people, you’re operating from the same vibration. When you want to hurt people who have hurt others, there is no moral high ground. You’re right down in it.

And humankind’s goal is to get out of it.

War will never end war. Violence will never end violence. Animosity will never end animosity. It’s simply impossible.

To end these plagues, it’s up to us to choose to be in the light that we want the rest of the world to be in.

Standing in the darkness, condemning others for standing in darkness? Not working out so well.

Standing in the light is different. It’s not about making way to the light so that we can condemn those in darkness. From the light, condemnation is boring, played out, and backwards.

The concepts of light and darkness themselves, are also kind of boring, played out, and backwards. Maybe even harmful. Separation-promoting on conceptual and linguistic levels.

We’ll find new words and ways to express ourselves more truly as we go.

For now, the point is that it makes no sense to demand that other people see the error of their ways when you’re acting the same way.

If bigotry is all someone knows, they don’t have an intellectual or experiential framework for inclusiveness.

So by responding to these people with contempt and division, we’re only reinforcing all they already know. And not showing them anything that expands their framework.

Plus, people tend to dig their heels into what’s familiar to them when threatened by opposing forces.

We simply can’t produce peace through force. Ever. In any context.

George Carlin once said, “Bombing for peace is like fucking for virginity.”

If you and a bigot are in the same room and you manage to out-bigot them in the name of tolerance, where’s the tolerance?

Look. Words can be slippery. I am not saying, “Let’s concede to a bigoted world.”

I am saying, to transcend these self and world-limiting thought and behavioral paradigms, we need to outsmart them. Make new paradigms.

“Tolerating” intolerance is not quite the accurate way to put it. More like transcending intolerance. But we can’t transcend it if we’re swimming in it.

Can you call someone out for their ineffective modes of thinking and being, without attacking, demeaning, or demanding that they be some way they don’t yet know how to be? Can you show them a better way? Give them something to think about other than your well-intended insults and condemnation?

Double standards nullify the validity of anything.

To take a cohesive position that stands up to a wide spectrum of scrutiny from differing forces, is to walk tall and firm in a society that’s often flimsy and limp.

To demonstrate love is to teach love. To teach love is to expand love’s influence.

People don’t need love to be beaten into them. Not with sticks or stones or words or cattle prods or atom bombs.

To activate the love and expansion of others, there is no need to defeat their hatred and conquest.

Inspire the world. Please stop bludgeoning it.

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