Being a Teacher and a Learner Simultaneously

Everyone is valid and worthy of being treated as equals, but not everyone is equally developed intellectually, emotionally, physically, spiritually and interpersonally.

If you know a lot and think a lot about baseball, I can learn much from you about baseball. My baseball knowledge is not well developed.

Same with the mechanical aspects of automobiles. Or the mating habits of tarantulas.

I have a thirst to know everything I can. Tarantula sex will probably show up in my search history one of these days. I’m working on being smarter about cars so I can take care of myself better and be helpful to others in emergencies.

Learning about baseball is nice, because it allows me to relate to other people more and connect on a meaningful level. I might actually enjoy baseball one day but don’t hold your breath.

Just because you are passionate and have strong feelings about something doesn’t make you an expert.

Your good intentions don’t make you a master.

Only experiences and growth can do that. And it can be a long process.

My most cultivated skills and wealths of knowledge pertain to philosophy, writing, psychology, and metaphysics.

I trust my own conclusions and ideas in these areas more than I trust most people’s I encounter.


Because I know that I’ve spent countless hours researching, testing, changing variables, testing again, and seeing how the applications change and improve my life and other people’s lives.

I usually know when I encounter someone who knows more than me, and I don’t feel threatened by that. I become a fascinated student at the drop of a hat.

I’m also a student of people who know less than me in certain areas. There is always something to learn from everyone, even if their teaching is not exactly deliberate or nuianced.

Being a simultaneous teacher and student at all times, is a rewarding way to live. I find more fulfillment from this way of life than any other I’ve experienced.

Nobody has to see me as an expert in the ways I see myself.

No one has to trust a word I say.

My life works for me. It consistently gets better the more I implement my own authentic features.

My trust in myself is enough.

And I trust you know what’s best for you too.

We can compare notes and share knowledge. We can all grow together.

Or you can stay the same. But I’m going to keep growing. It’s what I’m here to do.

Love you, Earth angels.

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