For once, all is quiet
in the gallery of peanuts
Keeping their thoughts, their projections
to their sweet selves
This relieves the pressure
of routine adversity
Allowing me to paint the mural
which they leave blank
Will they regret this
when the painting’s done?
Or will we celebrate
that the world has won?

Saft trinken
Träume haben
Baustein für Baustein
Alles ist wie es scheint

If I were to fail,
how many would say:
“I would say now, ‘I told you so’
but I never told you anything”?
And when the plan culminates
how many will sing:
“Knew you had it in you
Thanks for not being too embarrassing…”?

Bajo el muérdago
Con todos en el mundo
Beso beso beso
Bienaventuranza, bienaventuranza, bienaventuranza

With all so quiet
Within, a riot
Building spires and tangents
Building worlds with mental ratchets
With words, words, words, you could flatter
but you know, know, know, that I’m allergic
to sweet sauce that stinks of bullshit
so I’m OK with this silence
Provides space to diffuse violence
and change the world with due diligence

Время доказывания
Конец детства
обряд посвящения
Создать мир

But enough! of my insecurity
And enough! of this stagnating
No more missiles! of cleverness
No more millstones! of incompetence
Welcome one, welcome all
To the new world
Population: you
You’re the president, secretary, and cabinet
and also the cabinet where they keep the booze

Samudra kata-kata
Menara Babel
Kami berbicara untuk dipahami

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