Black Power

Black power
The time has come
to be equal
Black power
Does not mean
that white’s feeble
Black power
I have a dream
It’s getting real
Black power
Let go, let go
of your ego

Through the annuls of history
we’ve clung to our misery
seduced, perplexed by the tapestry
of classic human mysteries
Some have stars on their bellies
Hypnotized by their tellies
They think they’re so different incredibly
from they who appear different indelibly

Once or twice in an age, there comes a leader
A rabble rouser empowerer, double standard devourer
A doctor and a king, without need for your bling
A humble servant and philosopher, to be remembered in all hearts

Do not be afraid
Just rattle the grave
of your courage and power
Rise up and bloom, pretty flower
Let go, let go of insecurity
Let go now of defensiveness
Don’t let your color make you stupid
Look at the world and summon Cupid
It’s not always about you, Caucasian
Others have their journeys too
All lives matter, yes, that is true
But not all necks are in the noose

I stand for
Black power
The time has come
to be equal
Solidarity is strength
To empower human life
is anti-evil
Raise thine fists of every color
not to fight, but to say, “This is real”
The end of division
The end of delusion
The end of segregation
The end of violent nations
The end of hypocrisy
The rise of true democracy
The end of guilt, complacency
No more moral bankruptcy

Black power
is the end of white guilt
Black power
Enough blood has been spilled
Black power
I have a dream of
Black power
I will never stop singing
’till your wounds have receded
Black power!

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