Blueprint for total cleansing and going raw (vegan)

I’m going totally raw vegan right now, no compromises, no excuses, and no lollygagging. Not tomorrow, not next week, not in the next life; right now.

Why? Because I’m dying and I want to live. Simple as that. Dreaming of a better life and a better world just is not cutting it any more. All the dreaming I do has been killing me, because my health and choices have not been aligned with my goals and values.

I’ve had enough. This is it. Mediocrity has worn out its welcome. Mediocrity has chiseled my life-force down to a stump. Get off my plane, mediocrity.

So, here’s the plan

The core inspiration and blueprint for my plan to cleanse, renew, and go totally raw forever is the work of Markus Rothkranz. The reference guide I’m using is his book, Heal Yourself 101.

(You can download the PDF eBook version for free right here.)

The plan can be divided into four distinct stages.

Phase 1: Water fasting
(for one week or more)

“Is that for US? You shouldn’t have…” *blushes* – My kidneys

I’m starting with a week-long water fast to give my digestive system a rest, and to frankly establish to the rest of my being: the time for big change has arrived.

I’ve done a lot of research on fasting. It is well-documented that people in modern times have experienced seemingly-miraculous healing events due to fasting. Before modern times, almost every great spiritual teacher I can think of was known to fast.

A few of the best experiences of my life were during fasts. Crazy synchronicites happened, and I had unforgettable experiences that inspired insight into myself and the world. The longest I’ve fasted on water was three days, but I’ve been wanting to do an extended water fast.

In this case, my target is seven days, but I may go longer if I’m feelin’ the love.

Other than spring water, I’ll be consuming about four tablespoons of apple cider vinegar per day (mixed with the water), and some organic lemon juice squeezed into my morning water. This will help strengthen my stomach acid to aid digestion and help balance out my gut flora.

Also, I am going to be doing a lot of ENEMAS (filled with spring water), to clear out my lower intestines of the hordes of crap that’s been building and lingering in my system for years. This will, aside from making me much less full of shit than usual, inevitably wipe out some gut flora, both good and bad kinds. Therefore, a raw non-dairy probiotic supplement will help me replenish the good stuff after flushing out the cruddy stuff (including all kinds of life-siphoning parasites).

-Phase 2: Green juice fasting/feasting
(for at least one month)

I am no stranger to juice fasting (or feasting, as some people call it). On several occasions, I consumed nothing but fresh juice for three days, and at least once for seven days. The results were all right, but I made a mistake by focusing entirely too much on juicing sweet fruits with not enough greens.

This time around, nearly 100% of the juices will be comprised of leafy greens and vegetables.

One of the main purposes of this fast is to starve out my parasites (which everyone has inside of them, often wreaking all kinds of mayhem and havoc, by the way). What I’m learning lately is that parasites thrive on sweets and put their noses up at bitter foods. Hey, kinda like me (but don’t get me started on all the ways that humans are just like parasites).

Actually, I’ve heard a compelling case that many of my food cravings are caused by parasites, who fool my brain into giving them their fix.

To effectively clean myself out, I’ve gotta stop giving the parasites what gets them off. Did you know that a great portion of our poop is actually the poop of our parasites? They totally eat whatever junk we feed them and poop it out inside of us.

Just a few of the characters in the sardonic sitcom of your gut.

This is amazing, and terrifying. If you’re cringing right now, you’re not the only one (but trust me, the above image is one of the least disturbing parasite pics out there).

But knowledge is power. Knowing more about what happens inside of us and what to do about it is true empowerment (that goes for body, mind, and spirit).

After I give my parasites a bath in raw green juice for a month, many of them will go to sleep or starve.

Also during that month, my digestive system (which normally utilizes 2/3 or more of my total energy output) will take a break, since raw juice is essentially predigested food. There’s nothing to break down, so it’s much easier to absorb. All the enemas will assist with absorption too, since there won’t be all that crap inside me to hinder the assimilation of nutrients.

With a resting digestive system, my energy can be diverted to other areas that require healing, and not only physical aspects but emotional and spiritual ones too.

This is part of the reason people often have amazing spiritual experiences while fasting, and emotional breakthroughs. Psychological trauma and subconscious damage can be repaired by the reallocation of energy just as well as physical ailments.

-Phase 3: Smoothies + parasite cleansing herbs
(for at least a month)

The difference between raw juice and smoothies is that smoothies have fiber. Fiber is, of course, absolutely essential for a healthy digestive system, but it was not needed during the water and juicing phases since my digestive system was taking a spa leave.

Reintroducing fiber will get my digestive system flowing again. It’s at this point that I am going to go all-out and use Markus Rothkranz’s Parasite-Free formula. I’m getting a three-month supply, and will take it daily until it’s gone.

The plethora of parasites in my system won’t see it coming. Some will already be dead from sweets-deprivation. Others will be hibernating or starving. And then come the herb bombs to slice and dice and flush them out.

I know I’m an incorrigible hippie, but I feel pretty awful about their fate. They are just chillin’, doing what they were designed to do, and I’m about to smite them, all hand-of-God style. Poor bastards.

But anyway. I have even more experience with smoothies than with raw juice, but I’ve generally put a lot of sweets in those too. And peanut butter (not always natural), and other things that taste really good but aren’t the best for me.

My new smoothie protocol is to use at least half leafy greens. Lots of cucumber, celery and vegetables.

This will taste better than it sounds, for two reasons:

1. by this point my taste buds are going to be like new people. My preferences will have radically redesigned themselves by this point (one of the major reasons I am doing this, actually- to curve away from established patterns of craving).

2. there are so many healthy, raw, vegan ways to make things taste good. I promise, it’s true. Stick with me and I’ll show you.

-Phase 4: raw for life
(for at least the rest of my life)

I’ll reintroduce solids, adhering to a 100% raw vegan lifestyle, forever, no exceptions.

This is not drudgery. This is going to be fun, learning from those who have paved the way before me, finding out more about myself, and exploring new frontiers of food preparation and health.

This is not restriction. This is liberation! Restriction would be to keep myself chained to a lifestyle that will kill me and suck the best out of me until I have nothing substantial to offer this world, myself, or anyone.

I’ll keep myself honest. I’ll reassess if things aren’t working. I’ll problem-solve and troubleshoot if need be. I don’t want anything more than I want this. I want this more than I wanted Mario Paint in 1992.

Here are some guidelines I’m establishing for the fasting:

-Enema every other day
-Keep to myself as much as possible, go inward, get grounded
-Only relaxing and/or uplifting (positive) music (unless I am managing difficult emotional release from the subconscious and need catharsis)
-Daily meditation
-Daily Pikopiko
-Daily yoga
-Keep a journal (utilizing principles of cognitive behavioral therapy)
-Do Emotional Freedom Techniques as needed to process emotional trauma that may arise
-Blog at least once per week
-Read inspirational books with intention of moving my life forward
-Stay away from the news, advertising, and drama
-Avoid negative, toxic, depressing people (but still hold them in light and love)
-Auricular acupuncture for detox every other day
-Hot Epsom salt baths every other day
-Color, draw, write, create
-Sing, dance, make music, get groovy
-Nothing except water after 6PM
-Bed by 9 or 10PM

Target weight
You know what? Screw having a target weight. I don’t even care how much I weigh. I just want to be full of life and empowered to manifest my dreams.

And, OK, to be able to fit into this shirt:

Grr. One button is better than no buttons. I think?

Last time that shirt fit, I was as healthy as I’ve ever been. I hereby dub it the orange armor of manifestation and dreams.

Two requests
1. Please share these posts. This is going to be exponentially more interesting and fun with other people involved. This being a new blog PLUS me not being on Facebook anymore (where I’ve been most well-connected to readers of my past projects) is a double-whammy. I don’t really know who is out there reading at this point, so if you are, please don’t be a stranger and please do pass it on.

2. If you want to go raw vegan, or achieve any other life improvement goal, I would love to support and encourage you in any way I can. Your goals to not have to be aligned with my thinking and values for me to support you 100%. I genuinely want you to be happy and real and free. Whatever that means to you, let me know, and I’m all about shifting towards authenticity together.