Brave Vulnerable (poetry that woke up my heart)

Poet Sheen Francis Reyes

By the Internet’s sweet providence, I was blessed with the opportunity to stumble upon the work of New Zealand-based poet Sheen Francis Reyes.

Her debut self-publication is Brave Vulnerable, available for your eager consumption in paperback and Kindle formats.

If I sound overly zealous about Brave Vulnerable, it’s because I pretty much fell in love (in a non-creepy way) with the author while reading her work.

Sheen’s passion and intensity are out-of-this-world, and her words bring me back to a time when I was younger and my heart was softer and freer. Her book is a trilogy of ideas which encompasses the triumphs of fresh love, the tragedy of heartbreak, and the perpetual striving for closure and redemption.

Reyes lives up to the name of her book with an elegance and honesty that anyone could relate to. If you’re anything like me, it’s effortless to find your own reflection peering mysteriously back from the words on each page.

The author is also incredibly kind and personable. You can keep up with her Facebook page right here, and find out about her next release.

So inspired I was by Sheen’s fine work, that I am compiling a poetry book of my own, to be released at an unknown time. I dream of eventually doing a poetical collaboration with Sheen, and maybe some people reading this would like to contribute as well.

Honestly? Brave Vulnerable played a noticeable role in helping me transcend the depression I was permeated by through most of 2016. I honestly can’t praise this book enough.

Thanks for being you, Sheen!

Andrew L. Hicks, taking mental notes as to become a fine poet themselves one day