Break Out

You’ve been playing it small
in your own epic way
You’re truly quite dashing
but you’re in your own way
You command the attention
of the gods and the boys
You are a smashing sensation
with your talents deployed
All is not as it seems
When you’re high on your dreams
You’re a supernova juggernaut
with the confidence of a sleeping gnat

It’s time to break out
Decimate those chains
Take a hit of yourself
Design your own change
No need to evolve, baby
You’re already there
Just realize your worth
You’re totally there
It’s time to stand up
March up the wind tunnel
No god or boy can budge you
If they try, there’ll be trouble
Blazing fire-bird, fly
Paint the sky with your flame
Be the beacon that you are
that eradicates pain, shame, & blame
Oh, just look at you
So gentle and true
A dreamer ’till the end
An actualizer too

Break out
Break out
Break out
Break out

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