Breathe Again (A Practical Book on Financial Freedom)

What could be more life-draining than the perpetual dread of financial debt?

Like quicksand, it absorbs you without discrimination, deeper and deeper until you can’t move or breathe freely.

I have been mostly debt-free since 2009 when I filed for bankruptcy, and since then I have hesitated to undergo any endeavor which could result in owing anyone money. Because once you can breathe again, the thought of going back into that prison is an epic nightmare.

But in a way, my avoidance of owing money is a bit like throwing the baby out with the bathwater. My position has prevented me from learning more about investing, or pursuing my higher education. I’ve become quite aware of a possible utility to be found in draining the bath without endangering any babies.

As I gear up for a bright financial future, I’d like to acknowledge entrepreneur, market strategist, and blogger Peter Fritz, for writing a clean and concise guide to getting out of debt and making it to higher financial ground.

Breathe Again: Debt Free in 3 Simple Steps is a no-nonsense gem, a quick and easy read seasoned by Peter’s delightful humor, wisdom, and insight.

If I’d read it back in 2009, I…

Well, I probably still would have filed for bankruptcy, because I was irresponsible and dense in my late twenties, when it came to getting real about work and money…

However, seeds of essential vitality would have been planted in my mind, because Breathe Againand Peter Fritz in general, are premier mega-bosses in the essential seed-planting business.

Peter has learned from his blunders in life and designed his own success. Now, we all get to be fortunate enough to bask in his light.

A striking feature of the physical version of Breathe Again is the elegant design, painstakingly engineered by Peter himself.

The layout is so professional and charming, that I found myself inspired to up my game with my own upcoming book layouts. Peter’s attention to detail and gifted eye for aesthetics makes an easy read even easier.

Breathe Again officially launches on Amazon on Tuesday, August 22, 2017. The Kindle version will be free for three days. If you grab a copy, please consider writing a review to let Peter know what you think of his beautiful work, and to keep the book relevant in Amazon’s listings.

For more info about Peter Fritz and his work, please engage in non-creepy stalking protocols over at His posts are often laugh-out-loud funny while consistently maintaining a poignant and practical depth.

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