Choose Yourself (All the Way)

Who do you want to be right now?

What can you invent today to be who you want to be?

Yesterday doesn’t matter.

Five minutes ago doesn’t matter.

You can be an echo, if you want. A weakening reverberation of five minutes ago, five years ago, five decades ago, whatever.

Or, you can make a new noise. I vote for joyful, triumphant ones. Tomorrow’s echoes extend from the noise you make today.

What do you need? Go after it. Produce it.

Don’t know how? Learn how. Or ask for help.

We’re all conspiring to empower you to actualize your sweetest, boldest dreams.

Who is we? Well, everyone. Everything. The rocks and the trees are on your side. The gnats and the algae. The bears and the lions. Your so-called enemies are secretly and unconsciously plotting your ultimate victories.

Don’t believe me? Well, whatever. Believe what you want.

Just notice how what you believe usually comes to pass…

And that’s the same for everyone, regardless of how different beliefs can be from person-to-person.

No matter what you believe, you can find evidence for it…

So, why not believe the stuff that serves and supports your highest order of excellence?

Believe the stuff that turns who you are and what you can become into a groovy celebration of existence and potentiality.

So, who do you want to be right now?

You can settle for less than that if that’s what you need to do for now. But I hope eventually you’ll choose yourself, all the way.

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