Choosing the best web host for your needs

It can be a nightmare.

It was for me, anyway. Finding the optimal web host.

I read dozens of articles on various web hosts, comparing, contrasting. This vs. that vs. the other thing.

Just when I thought I’d made up my mind, I’d come across some review about terrible customer support, or technical problems, server downtime, whatever else.

Or, I’d realize that the writer of a given article obviously benefitted from me clicking on their link and taking a certain action.

So of course they’d say that their web host is brilliant. It even does their laundry and gives them massages with happy endings.

Oh, by the way, the host I am going to recommend is called A2.

I am in their affiliate program, which means I will receive about $85 if you sign up for their services through this link. If more than 31 people do that, I will start making $140 per sale.

The reason I am telling you this is twofold:

  1. To be transparent up front. Most of the time people don’t seem to mention how they will benefit from the actions they direct me to take. I find this annoying. Maybe you do too.
  2. This factor is actually more important than 1: Because maybe you do not realize how beneficial affiliate programs can be in adding value to your life and the lives of people around you. Most companies have similar programs, and some of them offer outrageous compensation for your help in advertising.

Integrity and honesty are important to me. Adding value to your life is important to me.

Pouring my energy into convincing people to buy things they do not need ranks beneath the bottom of my totem poll of priorities.

So, I would not waste a single second of your time by recommending a web host, if I did not 100% believe in that host’s capacity to meet your needs as a happy customer.

A2 Hosting has made a happy customer out of me.

Before A2, I was using another host, a fairly popular one. Rhymes with dicks. And their customer support was a bag of dicks.

My purpose is not to knock other services. It’s simply a point of comparison. I was an unhappy customer.

So, I started shopping around for a new host.

After a ton of research, it was narrowed down to HostGator or A2.

At that point, the choice was arbitrary. A decision had to be made, so I chose A2.

One of A2’s features that appealed greatly to me was the one-click WordPress integration.

I have set up WordPress manually before, and I am not quite tech-savvy enough for that to be a cool breeze on a summer day, let’s just say.

If you are tech-savvy, the one-click WordPress integration may not be a selling point.

If you’re like me, it’s an amazing selling point.

If you are even less knowledgeable about tech than I am, it’s the Shangri-La of selling points.

Getting set up was easy and satisfying. Nothing is overly ambiguous in the pricing mechanism or features lists.

I paid about $80 for one year, for the Swift plan. Was set up and ready to start blogging within minutes.

In the four months I’ve been using A2, there have been no major problems.

And the issues I’ve had were actually my fault. Like when I tried to install a WordPress plug-in that was not optimized for the current version of WordPress. My site crashed, and did not know why.

I contacted customer support, and this is where A2 shines resplendently. Within a couple of hours (not days, weeks, months, or ever), they explained to me what went wrong and what they did to fix the issue.

So, they not only fixed my problem. They empowered me so that I could avoid repeating the mistake in the future. Now I pay attention to plug-in compatibility. I did not know to do that before.

A2 has also answered my questions and gone above and beyond to help me in regards to problems I had with other companies.

Their customer support is just phenomenal. Fast, friendly, and competent. A+.

My experience with A2 has been exceptional, and that’s why I am not apprehensive at all about recommending their services.

And just think. You could sign up for a year for around $80 (give or take, depending on current promotions) and then sign up for the affiliate program. If just one person signed up through your link (at a rate of 85$ per sign up), that’s basically free hosting for you.

Which, if you ask me, is pretty awesome.

If you have any questions about A2 and its features and services, feel free to ask me anything.

Here’s a link to sign up.

Or try HostGator and let me know how it goes… 🙂


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