Dead People

(Part 20 of a 30 part series on sexuality.)

Some people are sexually attracted to corpses.

I’ve never talked to anyone who claimed to be serious about this.

If anyone reading this has an attraction to dead people, or knows someone who does, perhaps we could arrange an anonymous interview.

In the name of sociology, psychology, and science.

For now, I can only theorize and do some hunting that will add some color to my search history.

My first theory on this topic would pertain to the notion of sexual gratification without any chance of resistance.

This could appeal to someone with low levels of confidence or lackluster social skills, who has anxiety about rejection.

I recall a friend in middle school, who said if he was with an attractive girl who died, he would have sex with her.

Sounds awful and sick, but we were all sheltered virgins without a clue about anything. We all wanted to get laid, but barely even knew what sex was.

I feel pretty convinced that my friend didn’t grow up with a fetish for necrophilia.

The act of actually penetrating a dead person would be a complete disregard for any autonomy that the person ever had as a living being.

Like using them as a sex toy.

Some people do that with living people.

Use them as sex toys.

I’ve felt used sexually before. I was essentially a dildo.

I felt used at the time. Like I didn’t actually matter. Just a toy.

I didn’t resist it, though. I just laid there. Like a corpse with a pulse and a hard-on.

Women have made themselves available to me like that before too. I didn’t realize at the time, they probably felt like my toy.

It was easy to convince myself they were loving it.

Maybe they were, sometimes. Most probably, sometimes they weren’t.

That kind of one-sided sex where a person just uses another without resistance, is in a weird way somewhat like necrophilia.

It gets weirder, if you think about it.

Since humans have this deep and solemn respect for the dead embedded into many of our cultures, many of us look at an act such as sexually engaging with corpses as an ultimate form of disgrace and disrespect.

Please do not presume that I am arguing otherwise, when I say that much of our solemnity for the dead comes from our own fear of the Unknown and our own need to grieve.

What I mean is, our respect for the dead is more for us who still live than for those who have died.

So while we may see someone who has sexual notions about dead people as sick, deranged, and disrespectful, perhaps those who use each other selfishly as living sex toys are equally disrespectful, or even more so, since the object of their pleasure is a sentient, autonomous being with a consciousness and a will.

I’m not defending necrophilia.

I’m just calling out people who treat the living as objects. Who treat the living as the dead.

It is essential, to treat our sexual partners as autonomous individuals. To respect their preferences. To give in balance with what we receive.

If you want a sex toy, then get a sex toy.

There are some brilliant developments these days, when it comes to lifelike objects of sexual gratification.

It’s OK to objectify objects.

Check out REALDOLL.

They are a bit pricey by some standards, but no more expensive than the dignity you’ll lose by treating people as objects and by fucking corpses.

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