Don’t wait for the muse (be your own muse)

Waiting for creative inspiration to strike before creating is like only going to work when you want to.

Or only exercising when you want to.

Or only showing up for family and friends when you want to.

Only answering the phone when you feel like it.

Only having integrity when it suits you.

Only scooping the cat poop when the sun is in Sagittarius…

Sometimes, it is necessary to lean into your aspirations.

Sometimes, the desire to create doesn’t kick in until you start the process.

Don’t wait for desire. You may be waiting for a long time…

Once in a while, creative inspiration divinely rains down from the sky and bubbles up from within like you’re a hot spring of ideas.

Usually when you’re about to go to sleep or walking in the middle of nowhere. Or on the toilet.

OK, this is another one of those times I am saying “you” when I mean “me.”

But maybe you relate.

By buckling down every day and creating, with or without the motivation at the outset, a remarkable thing happens.

Creation starts to become automatic.

Your art flows out of you, and you realize some of your most satisfying work spawns from just showing up every day and doing the best you can with what you’ve got.

Instead of waiting around for a slap on the butt and whisper in your ear from the muse, you become your own muse.

And when you do that and are willing to share it, you light up the world with your art and ideas.

You inspire, “Aha!” moments in some people. You inspire them to create more too.

My heart melts when I see your paintings on Facebook. Or read your blogs. Hear your songs. Bear witness to your brilliant ideas.

Your artistry is what puts me in a state of awe. Your creative powers are what promotes my hope that tomorrow can be better than yesterday.

That’s valuable, and I guarantee I’m not the only one who feels that way.

Tell your story. Sing your song. Paint your mural.

Express yourself, be yourself, free yourself.

Whether you feel like it or not.

One day at a time.

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