Every Choice Matters (It’s All Connected)

Everything you do is a link in a chain.

Every thought you think, too.

Each action and thought, by default, influences the next.

The longer the chain gets, the stronger it becomes.

This is related to the essence of habit and momentum.

It’s why the more you do something, the easier it becomes to keep doing it until the process is essentially automated.

If you’ve been driving cars for years, your body can basically drive without you putting much thought into it.

If you’ve been binge-eating to suppress your emotions for years, your body can take you to the store and buy hordes of anesthetic foods before you even know what hit you.

If you’ve been writing every day for months or years, you can sit down and crank out material without knowing the outcome in advance. You just get started, and have faith in the process, like I am doing right now.

Every moment presents an opportunity to choose. To add a link to the chain to make the chain stronger, or to break the chain and start a new one.

I don’t like this metaphor much. Because I don’t like chains…

I like trees though.

So, everything you do is an age ring within a tree….

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