Everything Changes (And Peace is Inevitable)

Everything changes.

People change. We fluctuate physically, emotionally, spiritually, and all the rest. Values and ideals shift, vocabularies expand, and we become aware of facets of ourselves and the world that were previously concealed.

Our priorities change. We develop sensitivities to some plights, while building walls to numb ourselves to that which stings and bruises. Inevitably, this means that…

Relationships change. Best friends go away, new faces emerge. It’s like the solar system, with all its dancing planetary bodies, sometimes moving together in perfect alignment, other times finding themselves unfathomably far apart. Friends I used to imagine growing old with and doing family stuff together and having some beer on some rocking chairs on the porch, are nowhere to be seen. Will they come back? Nobody knows.

Speaking of planetary bodies…

Outer space changes. Every year, the moon moves an inch or two further away from planet Earth. At some point, it will be so far away that there won’t be solar eclipses anymore, ever. And who knows what else might change as a result?

Culture changes. Old ideals are upgraded as society learns harsh lessons. In my lifetime, I’ve seen a massive sector of a generation of U.S. citizens go from total political apathy to learning what it means to be informed and assertive about social change. Together, many of us have come to question our traditions and root out our own double standards and contradictions. It’s no longer enough, to just do things because the people who came before us did those things. Many of us need to know why we are the way we are. And if our reasons for being this way are incoherent and indefensible, then maybe it’s time to change…

Technology changes. A lot. And as it changes, so does our relationship with our world. Our work and play become more efficient, streamlined. Our access to information is unprecedented, which changes the way we experience education, communication, and transportation. We can have meaningful relationships with virtually anyone in the world, except in certain regions such as North Korea.

North Korea is going to change too. It already has. Do you know how it has changed in the past twenty years? Can you imagine how it will change in the next twenty?

Many people fear nuclear war, but that’s going to change too.

There will come a day when no one fears nuclear war anymore.

Because everything changes. And if you look at the trajectory, peace and harmony are the inevitable outcome.

People say history repeats itself, and it does. In concentric layers, like the age circles within a tree. Each circle looks remarkably similar to the last, but they aren’t identical. Each circle is larger than the previous one.

If you were to stretch each circle out into a line, each new layer would go further than the one that came before it.

It’s the same with humanity’s cycles. Each time history repeats itself, we make it a little bit further along.

It’s not always obvious, because of all the chaos and noise. All the death, disease, and dissonance.

Look closer. Where do you think all that dissonance is coming from, anyway?

The dissonance is like a tantrum from a spoiled toddler that’s working through their aversion to not getting their way. The dissonance is the squirming death throe our cultural resistance to the only constant there has ever truly been: growth and change. It’s the hissy fit of a world that wants to stay the same, even though that’s insane, and the tantrum reaches a fever pitch because deep down we all know how insane the world of humans truly is.

But change is so damn hard, so we have conceded to that insanity. Accepted a societal world full of contradictions and incongruities. Accepted inequality as a way of life. Accepted the delusion of money as the ultimate bottom line. Accepted the illusion that we’re divided and separated by a billion artificial classifications.

But all of this. Every bit of it. It’s going to change.

See, once a person opens their eyes to a more functional, pragmatic, empowering way of life, going back is not so much of an option.

We can try to go back for a time, out of fear. Like a rabbit running back into her hole because she thought she heard footsteps (but really, it was just the wind).

But going back in the hole never feels right. Doesn’t feel complete. Something’s missing. And that something is reality. A clearer vantage point of reality than ever before. A disconnect from delusion and charades. What’s missing in that hole is a connection to harmony and oneness.

We’re going to make it home.

We’re going to work together with reality’s natural rhythms and co-create a new societal world.

Working together with those rhythms means accepting change.

Change is everywhere…

It’s happening in every one of your cells as you read these words.

The universe is expanding, and so are you.

When the universe contracts, that’s actually part of the process of its expansion. Same with you.

Same with everything.

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