Fear Not the End of the World

The pressure builds
as the world all around us
shakes apart

Talking heads
measuring their dicks
while faking smarts

Rainbows shine
to conclude massacre clouds
and it’s just art

Don’t you see
It doesn’t matter anyway?
I don’t fear
the end of the world
At least not

Breathing in
in mindful bliss
The sky descends
but life will persist
We’ve come so far
against all odds
So do not give up now
as summer shifts to fall

Don’t you see
that you matter through and through?
Your presence penetrates
Serenity infiltrates
Don’t be afraid
of the end of the world
Not now
or later

For if the curtain fell
in bleak, atomic hell
We’d pick up and find a way
to carry on
But if you know it’s come to that
your mind and heart are sorely cracked
by the fear and building pressure
of a sleeping world
In the wake of all this noise
A secret light has been deployed
And it draws us all closer
to a new world
You’re invited to attend
this banquet heavensent
A celebration of our triumphs
and our truths
If you’re desperate to move on
from the terror and the bombs
Take my hand, love
and fulfill your destiny
We are one tiny stone’s throw away
from that long-awaited day
full of banners, anthems
and victory parades
The new world that we build
will promote euphoric thrill
Every life a winner forever
No losers; we win together
All will achieve their birthrights
as we dance from day to night
and express ourselves the way
we were born to do

Don’t you see
that you are me?
Unified we are whole
Divided, into holes
So let us merge
and beget pure harmony
Let us save ourselves
and be free, completely.

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