The Art of Being Human: What It Means to Be

A book of philosophical schematics for personal and cultural transformation.

Thank you for being you.

I'd like to offer you a special part of me.

Is world peace an actual possibility? In these times of cultural upheaval, it may not seem like it.

But it is. I promise you this.

Short version: it starts with you.

You've probably heard the saying, "Be the change you want to see in the world."

Sounds inspiring, but unrealistic maybe?

But what if you could really do it?

What if it was just a matter of shifting and expanding your perspective?

The longer version is in my first self-published book, The Art of Being Human: What It Means to Be.

It's a collection of snapshots from my life, handy metaphors, and observations blended together to make one point:

If we master the art of being human, we can truly and irrevocably change the world for the better. The best. Heaven on Earth, even.

No joking around here!

I'm giving away the digital copy of my book for free in PDF form. This message is too important to keep to myself, and I want to share it with anyone that would like to read it.

If it sounds like I'm experiencing delusions of grandeur, maybe you're right.

But what if it's true?

What if this book provides a blue print that could change the world?

Why not give it a shot, especially if it's free?

Well, that's my lame attempt at a sales pitch, anyway.

I hate selling things. Even when they're free.

My other reason for giving my book away, is that I am working on building my first-ever mailing list.

The purpose of my list is to add as much value to your life as possible, with giveaways, insights, and exciting information at every opportunity.

You'll be the first to know about my new books coming out, and you'll get early access to samples.

And much more. So much more, I don't even know where to start (because I am totally figuring this out as I go...)!

So please join with me as I build my personal brand, and dedicate myself to serving you in realizing your deepest and truest life dreams.

I love you by virtue of the fact that you're you, and I look forward to a long and prosperous relationship together.

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