Gnashing of teeth

Never-ending pain
In you, me, in everything
Never-ending pain
Impaling this heart again
I slouch down on the spear
Inner space corrupted
Gnashing teeth, all that I hear
Seeing red, emboldened by this rage
What we have become
Just echoes of a life we could have won
But now it’s done
An echo chamber full of demons
Every tear shed
Another chance to fail again
in understanding
despite all our planning
When the world comes apart
The seams are bursting
while vision’s blurring
and our souls are burning
When every word that you say
fuels the fire of my inner decay
And every retort I give to you
triggers the hell you’ve been through
This is not OK
This is not OK
Get on your knees and pray
Get on your knees and stay
I’m a nova, flashing through the sky
So hot, you get burned when I cry
Erupting madness from these scars
There’s no reprieve from who we are
Pointing fingers through the void
Casting stones until we are destroyed
Belligerent trauma turns the wheel
through piles of shit, a fly’s best meal
This is the end of everything
I beg, please wake me from this dream
To the world I’ve seen in my heart
The world I’ve longed for from the start
Please bring sense to all this pain
and let us grow from all this rain
May we see the good in every word
and forgive the tragic fools we were
Never-ending light
In you, in me, in everything
Never-ending light
Restoring our hearts again

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