Google paid me to write this

(The following content has become outdated, because Google has discontinued their Google Wallet card. However, the Google Wallet service remains a worthwhile option for transferring money.)

Google did not actually pay me to write this. Not with money, anyway.

What Google did was create a service that creates value for my life. And then they provided it to me without asking for anything in return. But the value it provides for me is so powerful that I am more than enthused to spread the word.

So, let me tell you about Google Wallet.

After an effortless registration process at Google Wallet, Google sent me that card, free of charge.

On the back there is a 16 digit account number, three digit security code and a nice, shiny MasterCard logo. So, it is essentially like a debit card that is not connected to a bank or credit union and can be used wherever MasterCard is accepted.

Like with PayPal, I can link my checking account to my Wallet and transfer funds back and forth.

Unlike with PayPal, the transfer process is totally instantaneous.

With Google Wallet, it took a friend less than five minutes to create an account, link his bank account, transfer funds to his new Wallet, and immediately wire it to my wallet to support my imminent trek across America.

Again, I can utilize the money in my Google Wallet to do business with any vendor which accepts MasterCard.

Google, as usual, has done something absolutely magical here.

Evolution of Money Transfers

I remember when the best (and maybe only) way to transfer money from person to person over long distances was through Western Union. That process involved standing in line, filling out forms, and paying a hefty fee. It required the sender and receiver to locate separate Western Union locations in their specific regions. If they did not know where a Western Union was, they would have to look up the address in the Yellow Pages, which could be found at phone booths (unless the phone book – made of paper – had been torn out).


Even then, the process was magical. Humans had made progress. And it was good.

Systems like PayPal have done wonders too, but Google Wallet takes the best of it all, streamlines it, and knocks it out of the park.

I am proudly utilizing Google Wallet as my primary payment instrument on my walk across the United States, and it would behoove you to check into it as well if you are looking to streamline your money-transferring and shopping (online and in store alike) abilities.

See? Google paid me to write this. Using the currencies of innovation, utility and service.

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