Heart of a Peacemaker

Just got my heart melted at the grocery store by a pre-teen child, declaring to their siblings, “We are a family, we are going to stick together, so no running off please.”

A kid after my own heart. It flashes me back to a childhood field trip to the Michigan State Capital building, when a teacher chuckled at me for saying to my designated group, “Please don’t wander off, we’re a group so we need to stick together.”

I always remembered that, because it was one of innumerable instances in my childhood that told me that it is my natural proclivity to bring people together and stay unified. That proclivity has only strengthened throughout my life and is one of the prime impetuses of my running for POTUS.

I wanted to walk up to that kid and say, “You can be anything you want in life. I love you, Mr. President.”

But I didn’t shower today, so I just kept walking.

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