At the core of the #hicksyou2020 policy development paradigm is the notion of functional reinvention.

Most facets of modern society are inventions that started as abstract ideas. The ideas were put into practice and adopted as traditions which were passed on through the generations.

The Economy. All forms of human law and order. Every institution, from Academia to the military. Cultural mores, capitalism, and holiday celebrations are all examples of ideas that people put into practice and adopted as ways of life.

On an even deeper level, humanity has invented nations and implemented borders between them. This makes it so that depending on which side of a given border you are on, the laws, traditions, and inventions may take on drastically different characteristics.

When a human is born into this world, the ideological inventions of their home region becomes that person’s default way of life.

In my culture, it was ingrained in me almost immediately, that the human world functions because of money. But if I’d been born into a world where money was never invented, that world would probably have found another way to function. Money is not the lifeblood of the world, nor is it inherently valuable or even real. It only possesses value because we agree, whether consciously or unconsciously, to see it that way.

The same is true of every idea which comprises every society.

Most societal inventions were born from necessity, or perceived necessity. Some were birthed from greed, fear, hatred, or a desire to control others.

As humans have endured through the ages, we have frequently discovered fresh data about ourselves, the world, and existence itself. These discoveries have empowered us to enter an actively-accelerating synergistic relationship with our own technology. We create, and then learn from our creations, enabling us to construct yet more intricate and functional technologies. This applies to anything that a person or company can produce, like computers, transportation, architecture, energy production, medical and holistic health paradigms, and so on.

The momentum of this synergy will only increase. Exponentially, even.

Take a snap shot of life in 2017, and then look at it again in 2027. I’m willing to bet you’ll be awe-struck by how quickly everything changed. The amazing technological innovations I have seen in my thirty-six years thus far are just a casual warm-up round in contrast to what’s to come.

And all of that is wonderful, if you ask me. Progress increases our efficacy and potential as connectors, inventors, and dream-actualizers.

But here’s the thing. Although our human ability to comprehend, relate, and invent has expanded monumentally over the generations, we’re still inhabiting a world of double-standards, contradictions, hypocrisy, and stomach-churning inequality.

Human cultures as we know them were initially designed for small clusters of people to survive. Those clusters grew and became everything around you. Our systems were not built to solve the problems of hypocrisy, inequity, and human division. They were built to solve another set of problems, and to that end the systems worked beautifully.

If we continue to stay latched to ideas that don’t solve out contemporary problems, though, then our synergistic launch forward will be stymied by the shadows of the past.

This is why reinvention is essential. To build a world that makes sense in its own temporal context. To conclude all eras of fear and division-based global politics. To co-create together, a civilization that stands up to scrutiny.

There are voices out there that say:

“Humans will never change.”

“World peace is impossible.”

“Humanity cannot exist without war.”

And more along those lines. Maybe you’ve heard those voices. Maybe you’ve been one of those voices.

And I understand, but respectfully propose that the United States and the entire world are ready for and capable of a healing and enduring shift from the murky mire of history.

We’re human beings. We invented this hole we’re in. We can invent our way out. We can alter what’s not working and bolster what is. We can reinvent the wheel. Because where we’re going, we don’t need roads…

This will require an unprecedented era of cross-cultural imagination, cooperation, and problem-solving prowess.

Sound like a lot of work? Well, it is. What’s the alternative? Does anyone on the planet truly wish to find out the answer to that?

A primary goal of the HICKS/YOU 2020 U.S. Presidential campaign is to empower those who feel jaded and cynical about the future, to see the awesome possibilities inherent in our reinvention of the system.

These visions are a part of me. I’ve inhabited them. In my dreams, I’ve breathed the clean, pure air of the new world. I’ve felt joy and bliss in my soul, witnessing the world come together to celebrate unity and existence. As I write this, I can feel the cool, refreshing breeze on my face; the Earth’s sigh of relief that we pulled our act together before it was too late.

These visions. Right now, they are only potentialities, just like any idea a human has ever had, any vision a human has ever held, any invention a human has ever brought into this world.

Potentialities are powerful. They are the catalyst for anything and everything.

There are many barriers on the road ahead. Many problems to solve. Much reinvention to implement.

But I promise you. Vow to you. There is a way forward.

I don’t have all the answers. But I have more than enough ideas to get started. These ideas are based on the radical premise that together we can make a world where everyone wins, always, and no one loses, ever.

So, here’s the plan. Starting on Monday, October 23. Over the next several months, I’ll be writing about one major issue per week, every day from Monday through Friday. I’ll spend about half the week exploring the historical context and philosophical meaning of the problem, and the rest of the week proposing ideas for reinvention and implementation of solutions.

Please keep me informed about which current topics are most meaningful for you, and share your ideas, hopes, fears, or concerns any time.

And please remember: No matter who you are. No matter what you’ve done. I believe in you. And I believe in us all.

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