How Far Will Civil Rights Go?

(Part 13 out of 30 in a series on sexuality.)

During our cultural push in the U.S. over this past decade for marriage equality, sometimes Conservatives have pushed back by saying, “If we start allowing same-sex marriages, eventually people will start fighting for the right to marry non-human animals.”

Many Liberals, of course, laughed that off as absurd and flawed logic.

Meanwhile, I sort of chuckled silently to myself.

Because you know what?

There might realistically come a day when we’ve run out of civil rights to fight for, so we start standing for the furries.

Make no mistake. There are people in our world right now who would marry non-human animals if they could.

There are people who would marry trees.

Have you ever heard of ecosexuality?

There are human beings out there right now, rubbing their genitals around in the grass and dirt, and finding themselves sexually gratified.

It’s all about having an intimate relationship with Mother Nature, and treating our planet like a lover.

Sounds a little fun, if you ask me. Maybe even arousing, especially on lysergic acid diethylamide.

But let’s back up to sentient non-human animals.

You might think attraction to animals is a rarity, something only freaks on the fringe are into.

Go ahead and get creative with your Google searches, though. Test it out. You might end up on a Watch List or two, but you’ll see that there’s obviously a demand for this sort of stuff.

You might think of it as an abomination. A sick travesty.

Kind of like how a lot of fundamentalists think of homosexuality as a sick travesty and an abomination.

So when Conservatives express their concern that eventually we might be be arguing about marriage to non-humans, they might just have a point.

One common argument as to why it isn’t OK to engage in bestiality is that non-human animals can’t give their consent.

Makes sense. But I am sorry to say, it’s not true.

Some non-human animals have been known to initiate sexual interactions with humans, and clearly enjoy themselves while they are at it. Dolphins, for instance. Maybe others. I don’t know. Believe it or not, I haven’t really looked into this much…

I am not saying we should marry dolphins. Or sex them up out of wedlock, either.

But some people are into it.

Are they sick?

Or are they experiencing a real and pure sexual liberation?

If it is sick, what makes it sick?

Where do our standards come from? How do we decide what’s sick and what’s right?

Do our beliefs that bestiality is repulsive come from the same source that once convinced us that homosexuality is an abomination?

If so, then why accept homosexuality but not bestiality?

Again, I am not advocating for bestiality. It might sound like I am.

I’m just saying. Our path towards civil equality might take us to some strange places, indeed.

If you want to stand up against bestiality, at least think your perspective through enough to have ground to stand on other than, “It’s wrong, just because I say it is.”

Human beings are weird. We do weird things. We believe weird stuff. We develop weird fetishes.

We’re surrounded by other people’s weird fetishes all the time.

We often deny our own weird fetishes. Why do we do that?

Shame? Guilt? Fear?

As we evolve and transcend our traditions of shame, guilt, and fear, then what new avenues open up to us? What new problems will we be faced with solving?

When we walk in freedom and liberation, how will we redefine our new sets of boundaries and limits?

Maybe you know some people who are attracted to non-human animals. I know a couple. Fascinating specimens, those.

I can’t say I see them as sick. At least not sicker than the masses who cling to their delusions of wealth and false senses of security at the expense of their fellow humans.

And fine, I’ll just say it…

Is it less sick to enslave, exploit, slaughter, and eat animals than it is to find them sexy?

I know, I know. This is probably pretty disturbing to some people.

This post is the pinnacle of weirdness on this series on sexuality.

I’ll tone it down.

We’ll go all vanilla.

Mmm, vanilla. Such a sexy scent.

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