How to love an online scammer

A Facebook conversation I had in 2015…

Flynn: Hello

I am Flynn by name and i am here to pass you a vital information from face book/coca-cola

Andrew Hicks: Does this actually work on some people?

Flynn: This is 100% legitimate

Andrew Hicks: I am being straightforward with you. How about you be straightforward with me?

I am giving you one chance to be honest.

If you are honest with me, I will help you get wealthier than you have ever dreamed of.

If you keep being dishonest, then we don’t have anything to talk about.

Flynn: What do you mean!

Andrew Hicks: Sir, please don’t insult my intelligence.

Let’s talk like honest men. Are you an honest man? I believe that if you’re not, you can be.

Flynn: Are you a pastor or a prophet?

Andrew Hicks: I am just a person who wants to see you healthy, happy, wealthy, and whole. The way to be wealthy and whole is to help make other people wealthy and whole.

Flynn: So how do you want to help me!

Andrew Hicks: It is very creative to tell someone that you are from Facebook/Coca-Cola. I don’t even know what your endgame is for sure. I almost wanted to play along to find out. I would love for you to tell me more about what your plans were, so I can understand more about your creative mind. My point right now though is, if you applied your creativity to helping other people, then you would create a life more abundant than your wildest dreams.

Flynn: I ask you how you want to help and you did not say anything pertaining to that.

Andrew Hicks: I have given you a blueprint to help yourself.

Much love to you, Flynn.

Flynn: Thanks man

Flynn and I remained Facebook friends for several months before his account was deleted. We chatted casually a couple times. Nice guy.

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