Invitation to Be Naked and Free

(Part 16 out of 30 in a series on sexuality.)

In the Bible, Adam and Eve became ashamed after they realized they were naked.

Think it through though. Does that actually make sense?

What’s shameful about being naked?

We’re born naked. Should we be born into shame?

Are showers shameful?

Is sex shameful?


Little kids are sometimes allowed to run around naked in their yards without anyone calling them dirty little sinners.

My feline roommates are naked right now. Should they be ashamed of themselves?

When does being naked become dirty?

When the genitals develop?

When the sex drive kicks in?

Why is the most important function of life, to reproduce, considered so taboo and loathsome?

I think some of the people who wrote the Bible were a little confused and misguided.


I like the part in Genesis that talks about God separating the waters below from the waters above. Imagine living back before scientific development had occurred in any meaningful way. Looking out over the ocean at the horizon. Blue ocean. Blue sky. A line between them (the horizon). You might be inclined to call the sky “the waters above.” Your suspicions are confirmed when it rains…

I respect the Bible, but I don’t let it tell me that the sky looks blue because it’s an aerial sea.

I don’t let it tell me that I should be ashamed of being human, or ashamed of being nude.

I love being naked. I love being free.

Some of the best experiences of my life were spent exploring my body. Other people’s bodies.

If you want to call that sin, feel free, but that’s a view I cannot share.

If you’re afraid of your body or mine, that’s your prerogative.

But I’m not afraid of my body, or yours.

I’m more put off by the money we blindly spend to be fashionable and to fit in, than I’ll ever be by whatever lurks beneath your clothes.

I’m more put off by blind acceptance of archaic societal rituals than I am by your anus.

Being naked is wonderful. What point is there in wearing clothes other than self-expression and protection from the elements?

What could feel better than the warm sun and a cool breeze on your naked body?

What feels better than freedom from shame and self-consciousness?

Am I promoting sin here? Does anyone seriously and honestly believe that?

If liberation and transcendence of shame are sins, then I’ll see you in hell.

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