It Does Not Matter if They “Get It”

If you know you’re doing the right thing, no one else has to “get it.”

Which is excellent, since many people probably won’t.

But maybe they will. You might be surprised. But you’ll never know unless you just straight up do the right thing, no matter who or what interferes.

I used to think that resistance from others meant that I was off track, but that’s a sad and dissonant mentality. Because how can I know what I am doing is right while also thinking I am off track? That’s the essence of cognitive dissonance, right there.

Resistance from others is a gift.

Because when people present their counter-points, that is an opportunity to test your conviction. To test your logic. To test your truth.

Does your truth fall apart under scrutiny? Or does it grow stronger, and become truer and clearer than the scrutiny?

Every interaction is a chance for refinement.

If you truly have a view or course of action worth protecting and defending, then get used to conversing with others who may not agree with you. Perfect the art of articulating it. The only way to do this is through practice.

After a while, your skin becomes thick. Other people can’t pierce your flesh with their venom anymore. Adversity ceases being adversity. Everything becomes synergy, especially if you seek to lift others up instead of knock them down.

Seek to empower your so-called enemies. Build bridges beneath their feet, even if they hate you. Even if they threaten you. Even if you’re scared. This is the path to a world without enemies.

But maybe that doesn’t feel right to you. So, reject it. Stand up for what you believe in. Test your beliefs against the thoughtful logic and analysis of others. Test your beliefs against the raging flames of people who refuse to listen to you.

Test your beliefs, always.

What you know is true now, may become wrong to you tomorrow. So do the best you can with what you’ve got, every day, and do not fear changing your position.

Your sense of what is right, otherwise known as intuition, is not an infallible authority. It puts together all the knowledge you have, and presents you with the most likely optimal path.

In other words, when you gain more knowledge and experience, your intuition has more to work with.

So, stop learning at your own peril.

And know, anything and everything is possible. Your wildest fantasies have a basis in possibility. So when you know what the right thing to do is, don’t let yourself be distracted by thoughts of, “That’s impossible.” Move forward anyway.

Turning “moving forward anyway” into a habit is one the most profitable tools you can acquire for yourself. Moving forth powerfully with no doubt or fear is the crown jewel of being alive. It’s what we’re meant to do, as individuals and as a species.

You can accomplish anything. I know you can. If you do not know you can, then let’s talk. Let me show you what I see in you.

And we’ll all move forward together, like a bunch of interstellar big bosses.

Know yourself.

Love yourself.

Be yourself.

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