Just Be You (Let Your Freak Flag Fly)

If you’re lonely, and it seems like there’s nobody in the world who will totally embrace the real you…

Just keep being the real you anyway, you know?

If you don’t love the real you, why would anyone else?

Get comfortable with who ya are.

Every little contour and detail.

Let your freak flag fly, baby.

A beautiful thing happens when you fall in love with yourself and take yourself for who you are.

Loneliness still comes around sometimes, maybe.

But it’s not that bad, because you just know…

You’re sparing yourself and others loads of grief by keeping it real.

When you force yourself to be someone you’re not so you can win over others, you’re being someone who doesn’t even exist. Pulling others in to fall in love with someone who doesn’t exist.

When they realize they fell for someone that doesn’t exist, how do you think they’ll feel?

And what happens if you start to believe you are someone who doesn’t exist?

Bad head-trip, man.

So, just be yourself.

Even if you’re “out there” af.

Do you know how many women I’ve been fond of, who won’t touch me with a ten foot pole because of my preference for polyamory?

It’s OK. I don’t need anyone to change. I just need to be myself.

There have been times, when I’ve really liked a particular person, when I thought maybe I’d consider monogamy.

But that probably wouldn’t work. That person would have to be incredibly unique and compelling in a specific order of ways for that to work.

So, if I tried to go monogamous (as I considered doing in my most recent relationship from time to time, to salvage it), I’d be doing myself and others a great disservice.

Because monogamy is just not how my heart works. That’s not how my brain works. That’s not me, anymore.

My polyamory wigs people out, who aren’t even romantic potentials. Ask some of my friends and one of my parents what they think.

But I am this way for a reason. I became this. No one else was in my consciousness every step of the way to witness my process, except for me.

Same with you.

You are the way you are for a specific variety of reasons. You have the preferences you do, the inclinations you do, for valid reasons.

Polyamory and monogamy are just arbitrary examples. This applies to anything and everything. Your preferences, interests, hobbies, passions, quirks.

Don’t sell yourself short just for immediate gratification.

Don’t compromise your authenticity for cheap sex or illusory feelings of comfort.

Have some dignity.

Respect yourself.

But don’t forget to stay humble.

When you turn your authentic self into a fortress, not even the loneliest night in the world can scratch your surface.

You’re your own sentinel.

You’re the castle, moat, and drawbridge.

You’re the kingdom. Protect it.

You are so worth it.

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